It has been awhile and a lot has changed in my life.  In 2015 I got a throat infection which left me gagging and vomiting everyday for a month.  I was afraid to eat in fear that I would strangle on the vomit because it happened often when I was lying down.  When my infection finally cleared it left me with an eye disorder called vertical nystagmus where my eyes consistently go up and down.  My walking has been impaired as well and I need to use a cane to help me.  I have been told there is no cure for this. 

In 2016 My mother passed away 13 days after my birthday.  She became my best friend after dad had died and we helped each other the best we could. My time with her has been a treasure that has made me what I am now.  Soon after she passed away, a man broke into my home and I had no choice but to get out as I was on the phone with 911.  Thankfully, a month later I found a new place to live and things have been well. 

Sorry I have been away so long, but since my life is heading in …

Taking a step back

I am sad to report that I am no longer with my former group and the reason is high gas prices.I don’t own a car and I also have a hard time coming up with money for gas in addition to paying for investigations.Now, I was not hundred percent certain this was the reason why my ride stopped coming to get me, but I have a strong suspicion it is the exact reason.I would be called and asked to catch the bus to get to certain meetings or investigations and that was becoming a problem for me.Also, the fact that the year is half over and I have only been to ONE cemetery is further proof that my theory is spot on. One last thing that convinced me 100 percent was a recent meeting that came and went without so much as a call from my ride.I also believe that they investigated a house without me that night as well.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love to ghost hunt.I may have a lot of fears, but the paranormal is not one of them.I will stay in a dark room all by myself for hours if I have to and I do n…

Jason Montgomery

Will be back soon